Abuhadia Society for Women and Community Development was founded in 1985 and was focusing its work on advocacy for girls’ education. In 1995, the NGO officially registered 1995 and started some activities in Sinkat (Abuhadia Women centre). In 2000, the society managed to recruit its own staff in the Sinkat office, one team leader and two female extensionists, in addition to a car and office. From there on we work in Sinkat in some selected areas with IDP groups in poverty alleviation interventions while we still stick to our mandate to encourage education and girls’ education as the focus. In 2004, we have opened a coordination office in Port Sudan and conduct surveys with other communities in Red Sea State in port Sudan and Swakin, for future expansions. , more staff have been recruited for Port Sudan office; we have constructed our own office in Port Sudan it is well furnished and well constructed.

The society reviewed its strategies direction in 2007 and draw a new strategic plan for the period 2008– 2011, 2012- 2015, 2016- 2019. The main strategic directions for the Society under the new SP are as following:





Scaling-up of the thematic focus
Expanding the geographical scope
Networking and partnership with others
Increasing the organisational funding base

Empowered tolerant welfare, knowledgeable, Eastern Sudan Region in which
people exercise and demonstrate their legal rights safely

Improve the living conditions of 30000 beneficiaries in Red Sea State through promotion of their livelihoods and basic social services/facilities, building of their capacity, and peaceful advocacy to claim their rights and assume responsibilities,
with special emphasis on women and girls.